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Baoying Economic Development Zone

Area:67 k㎡
Industries: New Material,Optoelectronics,New Energy,Automotive & Spare Parts,Mechanical Engineering

Investment Attraction Information

Price of land:28.0 million US$/k㎡Tax on land: - million US$/k㎡
Subsidy on land:70.99 million US$/k㎡Environmental protection requirement:Yes / Enterprises through environmental assessment
Factory rental price range:0.52 ~ 0.92 US$/month•㎡Factory sale price range:177.4 ~ 290.6 US$/㎡
Office rental price range:1.14 ~ 4.76 US$/month•㎡Office sale price range:443.9 ~ 792.7 US$/㎡

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Baoying Economic Development Zone位于No. 76, Yeting East Road in Baoying County, Yangzhou。 园区主导产业为New Material,Optoelectronics,New Energy,Automotive & Spare Parts,Mechanical Engineering。 整体占地67k㎡, 目前正以70.99 million US$/k㎡的投资强度完善园区周边配套, Water, electricity, communication, greening, lighting and other supporting facilities are well-built.等一应俱全。 同时,园区周边商业环境也正在飞速建设中,There are gas stations, insurance companies, supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, fitness centers, ATMs, warehouses, and other commercial environments.。 园区本地人口约为0.9 million persons、流动人口约为0.1 million persons, 区内教育资源丰富,拥有Baoying Middle Professional School, Shuren Professional Training School, Yongnian Professional Training School,每年毕业人数为:20 thousand persons。除了园区生活配套设施丰富之外, 园区周边交通极其方便——5 km,0.5 km,4.7 km,84 km。 区内厂房出售价格177.4-290.6 US$/month•㎡起, 出租价格0.52-0.92 US$/㎡起。 写字楼出售价格443.9-792.7 US$/month•㎡起, 出租价格1.14-4.76 US$/㎡起。
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