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Jiangsu Gaoyou Economic Development Zone

101 k㎡
32.0 million US$/k㎡
园区地址No. 30, Lingbo Road, Jiangsu Gaoyou Economic Development Zone
主导产业Pharmacy,Electronics/ IT,New Energy,Clothing,Mechanical Engineering


Price of land:32.0 million US$/k㎡Tax on land: - million US$/k㎡
Subsidy on land: - million US$/k㎡Environmental protection requirement:Yes / Environmental-friendly Enterprises with Limited Pollution
Built-up area: - k㎡KPI for land use:No
Park annual GDP: - million US$Park annual revenue: - million US$
Park newly established tenants per year: - ParksFactory rental price range: - US$/month•㎡
Factory sale price range: - US$/㎡Office rental price range: - US$/month•㎡
Office sale price range: - US$/㎡




Gaoyou Economic Development Zone (Mapeng Neighborhood) is a provincial-level economic development zone approved by the provincial government in November 1993. It is the world’s largest production base of down-filled garment and the world’s largest production base of flexible printed circuit (FPC) of the keyboards of laptops. The total area of the Zone is 101k㎡, the area planned to construct is 75k㎡, and the built-up area is 20k㎡ . There are Science Park, Photovoltaic Park, Bosideng Industrial Park in Gaoyou, Gaoyou Battery Industrial Park, Life and Health Industry Park, etc in the Zone. The traffic in the Zone is very convenient. It is connected to the east with Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, to the west with the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. The Lian-Huai-Yang-Zhen Railway passes through the whole Zone. The Zone is within 20 min’s drive to Yangzhou Taizhou Airport. Five pillar industries have been formed, namely, metallurgical machinery industry, electronic and electrical industry, medical health industry, textile industry and new energy industry.

In 2012, Gaoyou Economic Development Zone ranked 8th in all 124 provincial-level economic development zone in Jiangsu. The gross value of industrial output of the Zone was 46 billion yuan in 2015. The Zone strives to fully realize the target of building a national development zone, the first class innovative hundred-billion-level development zone in middle Jiangsu, and the first economic growth pole of the city.

Gaoyou Economic Development Zone will actively attract big projects, support big enterprises, build new platforms, solve new problems, and highlight new advantages. The important projects which have been attracted to the Zone include: Da Yunlai, Qingshui Lake Tourist Resort with total investment 2.2 billion; Kangfu New Material with total investment 6 billion, Guoxin Combustion Engine heat and power cogeneration with total investment 5.6 billion yuan; Hairun Photovoltaic with total investment 5 billion yuan; Yanhai special steel with total investment 5 billion yuan, Zhaoshun stainless steel medium plate with total investment 3 billion yuan; and Gaoyou Battery Industrial Park, the first industrial park in Jiangsu, with total investment 15.1 billion yuan.

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