Vice Mayor Chen Qu went to Caohejing Development Zone to investigate intellectual property work

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On March 23rd, Chen Qun, Vice Mayor of Shanghai City, went to Caohejing Development Zone to investigate intellectual property rights, observed the operation of the Municipal Intellectual Property Service Center, and showcased cases of R&D achievements of Caohejing Hi-Tech Development Corporation, and held a symposium, hearing advice from relevant companies and intellectual property service agencies. For enterprises and service organizations concerned with optimizing IPR policies and environment, improving IP service standards and regulations, strengthening self-discipline and supervision of service industries, accelerating the concentration and cultivation of professional talents, promoting the deep integration of service providers and industry development and innovative subjects, and strengthening knowledge With regard to issues such as the management and protection of property rights credits, Chen Qun responded to them one by one and requested the Municipal Intellectual Property Office and other departments to systematically review and study each item, solve problems in a timely manner, improve related policies, and support the high-quality development of the intellectual property service industry. Stronger intellectual property and better business environment make greater contribution. Zong Ming, deputy secretary of the municipal government, Chen Yajuan, director of the Municipal Intellectual Property Office, and Chen Shiyan, deputy director of Xuhui District, participated in the survey.

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