Caohejing Development Zone Financing Platform held its first loan review meeting in 2018 and 2017 annual work summary meeting

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Recently, the Financing Platform for Scientific and Technological SMEs in Caohejing Development Zone held its first loan review meeting in 2018 and the 2017 annual work summary meeting.

The meeting fully affirmed the work results and social benefits achieved by the financing platform in 2017 and put forward requirements for the next stage of work.


At the same time, the meeting reviewed the loan applications of 8 companies totaling 58 million yuan, and approved the loan amount of 44.5 million yuan.


Representatives of the Development Zone Head Office, Xuhui District committees, and three cooperative banks attended the meeting.


Leaders of the meeting put forward five requirements for the next phase of work: First, mechanism innovation, fully aware of the importance of innovative institutional supply; Second, customer innovation, fully expand the platform of enterprise capacity, truly serve the real economy; Third, product innovation, rich Science and technology financial value-added service product types, and combine their own platforms with various types of high-quality products launched by banks to create a Caohejing venture capital service chain; Fourth, means innovation, actively conduct big data information planning and innovation pilots, and concentrate resources to establish effective Is a credit platform; Fifth, theoretical innovation, organizing experts in the industry to form new investigation reports and relevant recommendations on the financing of SMEs in Caohejing Development Zone, and the financing platform working group should continue to combine its own work practices with its own characteristics. New paper.


As a gold business card for the scientific and technological financial services of Caohejing, the technology-based SME financing platform has provided loan support of 1.006 billion yuan to 293 sub-enterprises since its establishment in March 2009 to the end of August 2016.

Since 2017, the financing platform has achieved a comprehensive upgrade based on inheriting the excellent genes of the first three rounds of platforms, increased the type of businesses supported, increased the amount of loans, upgraded loan terms, expanded the cooperative banks, and eventually introduced the investment loan linkage model.


The financing platform 2017 held a total of 6 credit review meetings in the whole year. There were a total of 56 technology-based SMEs participating in the meeting. Of these, 50 sub-enterprises passed the loan approval, and the total annual credit credits amounted to 314.8 million yuan, again since the establishment of the platform. Single-year loan credit line reached a new high.


In 2017, Caohejing Angels Venture Capital Co., Ltd. always adhered to the working guideline of “deepening cooperation between regions and supporting innovation and entrepreneurship”. Under the correct guidance of the company’s board of directors and the strong support of all shareholders, the company’s team is exploring the Caohejing venture capital model. Further improvements were made to the service functions of the financing platform and the “Lending and Lending Interaction” aspect. Some results were achieved, and related work such as establishing regulations, establishing systems, and complementing teams was completed. The first case of investment was achieved, and financing was completed with a financing platform linkage.


In the new situation of gradual economic slowdown, continuous transformation and upgrading of economic structure, and the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship, the Caohejing financing platform will continue to move forward, gradually breaking through the bottleneck of work, and optimizing the internal environment when the external environment is forced to reverse. To seize the internal and external opportunities to seek greater innovation breakthroughs, to release more energy for the construction of important areas for scientific and technological innovation and for the healthy development of regional SMEs.

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