Xuhui District Caohejing Development Zone Joint Mediation Center established

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"The establishment of the Joint Mediation Center will provide the lowest cost, high efficiency, and more convenient dispute resolution and public legal services for nearly 3,000 companies and nearly 300,000 employees in more than 20 parks in the Caohejing Development Zone." This is a set of figures reported to reporters by the person in charge of the Judicial Institute of Hongmei Subdistrict of Xuhui District when he talked about the original intention of setting up the joint mediation center of Caohejing Development Zone in Xuhui District. On April 19, the center was announced in the Development Zone Park Comprehensive Service Center. At the same time, a service window and a joint mediation studio were opened here to set up public legal service stations. "That is to say, starting from today, the park enterprises and community residents in the Hongmei Sub-district area will not have to leave their communities to enjoy legal advice and legal aids around them, various dispute mediations, notary appointments, etc. 'One-stop' public legal services," the person in charge said.


At the ceremony, as the co-sponsors of the center, the heads of the Hongmei Sub-district Judicial Institute, Park Comprehensive Service Center, Community Trade Union, Labor and Social Security Bureau and other departments briefed reporters on the daily work and operation mechanism of the center. To create the most beautiful business environment in Xuhui, we must first do a good job of people. According to statistics and analysis of previous years' statistics conducted by Hongmei Sub-district under the jurisdiction of enterprises in the area, there are more than 600 labor disputes and over 4,000 consumer disputes per year in the Caohejing Development Zone, and about 200 cases of economic disputes and intellectual property disputes. To this end, Hongmei Sub-district relies on the legal service resources of the Xuhui District Human Resources Bureau, the Bureau of Justice, the China Federation of Trade Unions, and the courts to establish the “Joint Mediation Center of Caohejing Development Zone in Xuhui District” to provide legal advice and notarization for enterprises and communities in the park. Services such as appointments, registrations, and legal aids can promptly resolve various types of conflicts and disputes within the company's enterprises, enterprises, and enterprises, thus providing protection for the construction of a high-quality business environment with legalization, internationalization, and convenience.


In response to the operating mechanism of the joint center, Qian Xiaopeng, director of the Street Justice Institute, said that the center is specifically responsible for the day-to-day management and guidance of the Hongmei Sub-district Justice Institute, the General Labor Union and the Labor and Social Security Institute. In the early days of its establishment, it was planned to arrange a mediator and lawyer to take classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to conduct on-site consultations and resolve disputes. At the same time, according to the type of contradictions to arrange the time for mediation; At present, the center has established two dispute handling procedures: simple disputes and complex disputes. Simple disputes can be settled on the spot. Mediation agreements can be issued on the spot after mediation. Complex disputes require separate appointments for mediation by a mediator team or a third-party professional mediation agency. Through trial operation, the center will consider and evaluate the quality and quantity of cases, so as to adjust the relatively reasonable service time and staffing.


At the inauguration ceremony, Pu Yapeng, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hongmei Street, said that the establishment of the center is a lively practice of implementing the important idea of  “adhering to the people as the center”. Starting from the places where companies and employees in the development area are most concerned and in urgent need, through the establishment of a “hub-type” working platform, a judicial buffer zone that can effectively solve the needs of enterprises and people and reduce social conflicts will be formed, and measures will be taken to ease the situation in the park. The contradictions and disputes between employers and employees, labor relations, intellectual property rights, economic and trade affairs, etc., are guided by their needs, provide inclusive, accurate, and high-quality public legal services to better meet their multi-level and multi-disciplinary legal requirements.


The establishment of the Joint Mediation Center of Caohejing Development Zone will enable a large number of industry-specific and professional disputes to be settled through flexible mediation through the establishment of a diversified and facilitated dispute resolution mechanism, providing enterprises with quick and efficient solutions to all types of economic disputes. The low-cost and high-efficiency solution is also an important carrier for the “four-in-one” labor relationship work system, and it is also an attempt and exploration of the people’s mediation service to create a stable, fair, transparent and predictable business and legal environment.


The Joint Mediation Center of Caohejing Development Zone in Xuhui District was set up in the Integrated Service Center of the Hongmei Sub-District Park. This pioneering and trial-first approach has caused everyone's concern about how to do a good job in optimizing the business environment.

Relevant person in charge of Xuhui District, when they came to congratulate the establishment of the center, said that the joint mediation center established in Hongmei Sub-district effectively integrates various functions such as people's mediation, administrative mediation and judicial mediation, and explores diversified commercial dispute resolution mechanisms. Go further. It is hoped that through a trial run at the center for a period of time, a more standardized joint mediation workflow and system can be explored. In the aspects of staffing, performance evaluation, case review, and document production, detailed provisions were made to promote the standardization and standardization of mediation. The center should shoulder the responsibility of creating a more professional team of mediators. Through the establishment of a team of lawyers, judges, college professors, and other advisory teams, it will implement various special training and business training, and strengthen the professional qualities of the community grassroots teams. In this great new era, we must keep up with the pace of the times and create a more intelligent and informative mediation platform. Through the construction of the case library and database for mediation in Caohejing Development Zone, we will further strengthen and improve the ability to collect and judge disputes related to difficult and major conflicts, achieve visual analysis of mediation data mining, and create a “wisdom mediation” and “smart wisdom” brand for development zones.

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