Caohejing Development Zone identified as a National Intellectual Property Demonstration Park

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Recently, it was learned from the State Intellectual Property Office that the Caohejing Development Zone was officially awarded the “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Park”. There are only 8 development zones that have been awarded the “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Park” throughout the country. The Caohejing Development Zone is ranked among them.


Caohejing Development Zone has always regarded intellectual property rights as a basis for scientific and technological innovation. By the end of 2017, the development zone has one national-level intellectual property advantage enterprise and a total of 50 patent pilot demonstration enterprises in Shanghai. The total number of patent applications has totaled 29,161. Among them, the proportion of patent applications for inventions was 57%. The average annual increase in patent applications was 30% or more in the past three years. The cumulative number of patents granted for inventions was 6,099, and the total number of patents for effective inventions reached 271.1. It can be said that intellectual property rights have effectively promoted development. The upgrading of regional enterprises’ innovative capabilities and industrial upgrading have provided effective support for the regional economy to improve its quality and efficiency.


In the next step, Caohejing Development Zone will conscientiously implement the “Outline of the National Intellectual Property Strategy” and “Administrative Measures for the Pilot Zone of the National Intellectual Property Demonstration Pilot”, focusing on the construction of “two national-level” intellectual property demonstration zones and focusing on Kechuang. The center's important bearing areas and the construction of Asia-Pacific IPR center cities are centered on the development of advantageous industries in the region, industrial patent navigation, active cultivation of high-value patents, creation of intellectual property service demonstration highlands, establishment of an intellectual property operation system, and reform of the management system of intellectual property rights. It will play a greater role in enhancing the ability to create, use, protect, and manage intellectual property.

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