Xuhui District Prosecutor's Office Leads Investigation of Intellectual Property Protection in Enterprises in Caohejing Development Zone

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Recently, Zhang Weidong, deputy chief procurator of the Xuhui District People's Procuratorate led the team to investigate the intellectual property protection of technology companies in the Caohejing Business Center, and held discussions with more than 10 companies and institutions including Aiwei Electronics, Shanshan Network and Baiyi Intellectual Property.

Fang Yiner, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Caohejing Development Zone Corporation, and the relevant responsible comrades of the Entrepreneurship Center accompanied the investigation.

During the investigation, Deputy Attorney Zhang Weidong stated that the Xuhui District People’s Procuratorate insisted on placing service innovation on the core of the overall procuratorial work service Xuhui’s economic and social development and took the initiative to step forward and dock to protect the main body of innovation and innovation achievements of the enterprise. The intellectual property innovation work is escorted and assisted to create a good rule of law environment in the construction of important carrying areas for science innovation centers in the Caohejing Development Zone.

The investigation to the Caohejing Entrepreneurship Center today is to implement the spirit of the city's major investigation and to understand in depth the difficulties and needs of enterprises in terms of intellectual property protection, litigation, and rights protection. It is thought and explored how to further develop the legal supervision function of the Procuratorate so that more companies especially small and medium-sized technology companies can receive quality judicial services.

The representatives of participating enterprises and institutions combined their own business reality and made presentations on difficult issues such as difficult evidence collection, long cycle, high cost, and low compensation in the current protection of intellectual property rights. Deputy Attorney General Zhang Weidong performed questions on the issues raised by the company. Answering one by one, and that the Procuratorate will adhere to service innovation, form a legal advocacy team, carefully select the topic of presentation and typical cases, and regularly conduct legal seminars on IPR and patent protection for enterprises in TEDA.

Fang Yiner, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Caohejing Development Zone Corporation, welcomed the inspection service to the park in an exchange, and in-depth doubts were answered in the first-line entrepreneurship. The scientific and technological enterprises in Caohejing Development Zone are highly agglomerated, with many scientific and technological achievements and R&D-type enterprises. In the fierce market competition environment of network and information, they often face practical problems such as the protection of trade secrets, intellectual property and patent protection, and economic interest disputes.

In 2016, Xuhui District Public Prosecutor's Office innovated and explored, took the lead in entering the park to set up an intellectual property prosecuting and protecting studio in the city, and promoted judicial services to the forefront of technological innovation. In the future, the two parties will work closely together to bring into play the role of many service agencies and platform resources in the region to promote the gradual establishment of a relatively complete intellectual property protection system for “affirmation, use, and rights protection” in the Caohejing Development Zone. The important bearing areas of the center play an active role.

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In October 2016, Xuhui District Procuratorate signed the "Service Memorandum" and "Memorandum of the Prosecutor's Office" with the Caohejing Development Zone Corporation and the District/Regional Cooperation and Coordination Office to establish Shanghai's first knowledge in the Caohejing Development Zone. The property rights protection and prosecution protection studio takes the “specialty, specialization, and professionalism” as the special service mechanism, deepens the frontiers of innovation, and provides zero-distance legal protection and legal services for high-tech enterprises in the development zone.

The studio is located at the service hall on the first floor of the Comprehensive Service Center at No. 65 Guiyu Road, Caohejing Development Zone. Every Tuesday morning, the prosecutor arranges for the reception of business consulting and business acceptance.

The Caohejing Development Zone will continue to focus on its advantageous industries. It will focus on the construction of national intellectual property service industry cluster development demonstration zones and national intellectual property demonstration zones. Through the implementation of the two-wheel drive of intellectual property application and protection, it will build review authority and administrative enforcement, rights protection assistance, arbitration mediation, and judicial linkage are linked to the rapid coordination protection mechanism for intellectual property rights, creating a multi-level protection platform for intellectual property, and providing enterprises with more convenient, more economical, and more distinctive intellectual property protection services.


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