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Entrepreneur Representatives visited Weiyang Economic Development Park in 2017

2018-01-31 来源: 维扬经济开发区浏览次数:308次

Recently, "2017 senior executives Yangzhou Line" part of the entrepreneur representatives to the development zone of the visit, party committee Secretary Zhang Yaowu, the district board member, executive deputy director of the Wang Qingwei, Development Zone Management Committee chief Zhang Yatong, China Merchants Bureau secretary Sun Guiping and merchants related staff accompanied reception. In the event, Zhang introduced the Economic and industrial development status of Hanjiang District and Weiyang developing zone to the entrepreneur representative, and issued the sincere invitation of investment cooperation to the businessmen.


In the ensuing interactive communication, the entrepreneur representatives have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with the development zone on the cooperation and intention cooperation projects, and have made valuable suggestions for the next step of the development zone to develop better and faster. Through the visit of the tour, better to show the merchants of Hanjiang and the development of the construction of the new achievements, at the same time further deepen the development zone and the friendship between the merchants, for the future to seek cooperation and achieve a common win lay the foundation.

作者 :sxpj