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Yangzhou Huatian Wood products Co., Ltd

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To give the general public the right to know, on the basis of The law of  the People's Republic of China on environmental impact assessment "Provisional Measures for public participation in environmental impact assessment". Our company  hereby publicize the construction situation on Yangzhou Huatian Wood products Co., Ltd. produces 3000 sets of wooden doors and door pocket lines, 3000 groups of cabinets and 5000 square meters of wood veneer.

I. Overview of construction projects

Construction units:Yangzhou Huatian Wood products Co., Ltd.

Project name:Construction projects of 3000 sets of wooden doors and door pocket lines, 3000 sets of cabinets and 5000 square meters of wood veneer

investment scale:5 Million yuan

Construction site:No. 18, Jinhuai road, Weiyang economic development zone, Yangzhou

Scale and content of construction : Rent Jiangsu Huage Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. No. 2 factory, which covers 13000. Project design production capacity for the annual production of wood doors and door pocket lines of 3000 sets, cabinets 3000 groups, wood face 5000 square meters.

II. Situation of construction units

Construction units:Yangzhou Huatian Wood products Co., Ltd.

Contact telephone:13921940061

Contact:  Mr Liu,  the General Manage 

III. Status of agency that undertakes the environmental impact assessment(EIA hereinafter) 

EIA units:Jiangsu Baohai Environmental Service Co., Ltd.

Certificate number:National Environmental impact Assessment Certificate B No. 19102

Contact: Mr Cheng , the engineer

Contact telephone:0514-80926396

1EIA working procedures: The construction unit entrusts, the document material and data collection research, the environment present situation investigation, the engineering analysis, the environment impact forecast, the public participation survey,  preparation of report, the environmental protection competent unit examination.

2Main contents of work:The engineering field on-site survey and environmental sensitive spot investigation are carried out to clarify the current situation of environmental quality in the area where the project is located, and to analyze and predict the various environmental impacts during the construction and operation periods of the project. The countermeasures of environmental protection are put forward against the adverse effects.

V. key issues for public consultation

1Scope for public comment

The public to be consulted includes representatives of citizens, legal persons or other organizational representatives within the scope of influence of  the construction project.

2Content of solicitation of public opinion

The contents of the investigation include whether the public is satisfied with the current situation of environmental quality in the vicinity of the construction project; The public's understanding of the construction project; agree with the construction of the project or not , major environmental issues concerned and other opinions and suggestions.

VI. Main forms of public comment

The public may, after the disclosure of the relevant information, submit written comments to the construction unit or the environmental impact assessment angency by letter, fax, e-mail or other convenient means.A questionnaire will be used in the process of environmental impact assessment to seek the views and suggestions of the public around the site of the project.

VII. Validity period for the publication of information

Within 10 working days from the date of announcement issuance, the basic information of the construction project may be obtained from the evaluation institution. The relevant information is in public throughout the consultation period.

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