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Nantong Kami Home Furnishing Company Limited Visited Weiyang Economic Development Park

2018-01-18 来源: 维扬经济开发区浏览次数:310次

ctober 31, Nantong Card Home Co., Ltd. General manager Tishangyang to visit the Economic development Zone, the party committee members, Investment bureau Secretary Sun Guiping and Shenzhen branch merchants to accompany the reception. Sun Bureau to the season General's visit to express warm welcome, and introduced the development Zone's investment environment and the industry present situation, emphatically introduced the development zone "one town two garden two cities" the developmental plan.

The season has also expressed a good vision of the investment, the two sides on the next step of the investment plan to reach a preliminary intention.After the meeting, the merchants will lead the season to visit the field of the Oasis Ecological Science and Technology Park.

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