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Kamal Industrial Park

Area:1.1 k㎡
Industries: Pharmacy,Chemical Engineering


Distance to freight station:40km to NGSSDistance to railway station:48km to Tazara Railway Station
Distance to habor:46.8km to Tanzania Ports Authority, Head QuartersDistance to airport:53km to Julius Nyerere International Airport
Introduction of district: -
Roads logistics:The Kamal Industrial park is connected by the trunk road between Dar es Salaam and Bagamoyo Town.
Railway logistics:Travel to urban and sub-urban parts of Dar es Salaam is provided by the Dar es Salaam commuter rail.Tanzania Railways operates the Central Line from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma.
Price of residential housing nearby:860 US$/㎡Two-bedroom monthly rental:800 US$/month
Residential housing price in this city:750 US$/㎡
Support for residing in Park: -
Living environment: -
Commerical enviornment: -
Access to supermarkets:Stella Maris Supermarket,TSN Supermarket Tegeta,Mageti Supermarket
Access to shopping malls:Lessoroma Shopping Center,Machakani Shopping Center,Goba Hills Shopping Mall
Access to hotels:Serene Hotel,Riverman Hotel,Holiday Inn Dar Es Salaam,Jamirex Hotel
Access to leisure and entertainment:yuneda entertainment,Born To Shine Hq,CalvinTeti
Access to healthcare:Rabininsia Memorial Hospital,Bagamoyo District Hospital,Tumbi Disignated Referral Region Hospital
Access to education:Mbezi Luis Primary School,Daystar Per & Primary School,Kibamba Primary School
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