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Kamal Industrial Park

Area:1.1 k㎡
Information: -
Industries: Pharmacy,Chemical Engineering

Investment Attraction Information

Price of land:350.0 million US$/k㎡Tax on land: - million US$/k㎡
Subsidy on land: - million US$/k㎡Environmental protection requirement:No
Factory rental price range: - US$/month•㎡Factory sale price range: - US$/㎡
Office rental price range:16 ~ ? US$/month•㎡Office sale price range: - US$/㎡

园区介绍 / 产业园规划

Kamal Industrial Park位于Bagamoyo Rd, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania。

园区主导产业为Pharmacy,Chemical Engineering。


园区本地人口约为4.36 million persons、流动人口约为 - million persons, 区内教育资源丰富,拥有Marian University College,University of Dar es Salaam Business School,St. Joseph University in Tanzania (Boko College of Medicine),每年毕业人数为: - thousand persons。

除了园区生活配套设施丰富之外, 园区周边交通极其方便——40km to NGSS,48km to Tazara Railway Station,46.8km to Tanzania Ports Authority, Head Quarters,53km to Julius Nyerere International Airport。

区内厂房出售价格 - US$/month•㎡起, 出租价格 - US$/㎡起。

写字楼出售价格 - US$/month•㎡起, 出租价格16 US$/㎡起。

Kamal Industrial Park欢迎您的入驻,如想了解更多园区详细信息,可随时致电或留言。

Kamal Industrial Park期待与您共创辉煌!