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Vanadzor Technology Center

Area:0.1 k㎡
Information:+374 60 749700
Industries: Electronics/ IT,Services

Investment Attraction Information

Price of land:170.0 million US$/k㎡Tax on land: - million US$/k㎡
Subsidy on land: - million US$/k㎡Environmental protection requirement:No
Factory rental price range:4 ~ 16 US$/month•㎡Factory sale price range:100 ~ 380 US$/㎡
Office rental price range:25 ~ 57 US$/month•㎡Office sale price range:410 ~ 970 US$/㎡

园区介绍 / 产业园规划

Vanadzor Technology Center位于12 Shinararneri str, Vanadzor 2019 RA。

园区主导产业为Electronics/ IT,Services。

整体占地0.1k㎡, The center supports technology teams, start-ups and existing companies in developing their innovative ideas into successful businesses within Armenia and internationally. It helps companies to improve professional and business skills of the employees and managers via provision of short-term and long-term advanced trainings and seminars. Meantime It supports the creation of learning partnerships within the industry and the technological universities to encourage learning partnerships and strengthen the role of universities as active R&D centers.等一应俱全。

同时,园区周边商业环境也正在飞速建设中,Vanadzor is a resort center in northern Armenia due to its mild climate, clean air and mineral springs. Many hotels and spa resorts are built in the city and the nearby countryside. The city is connected with other major cities of Armenia with a railway and a motorway. The Armenia Vanadzor Spa and Hotel Complex is among the most significant resorts since the Soviet times.。

园区本地人口约为0.105 million persons、流动人口约为 - million persons, 区内教育资源丰富,拥有Mkhitar Gosh University,Vanadzor State University,Armenian Nayional Agrarian University,VPH,Shirak State University,每年毕业人数为:0.6 thousand persons。

除了园区生活配套设施丰富之外, 园区周边交通极其方便——68.1km to Onex Gyumri,4.2km to Vanadzor Main Train Station,No,73.0km to Shirak International Airport。

区内厂房出售价格100-380 US$/month•㎡起, 出租价格4-16 US$/㎡起。

写字楼出售价格410-970 US$/month•㎡起, 出租价格25-57 US$/㎡起。

Vanadzor Technology Center欢迎您的入驻,如想了解更多园区详细信息,可随时致电或留言。

Vanadzor Technology Center期待与您共创辉煌!