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Santaka Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre(Valley)

Area: - k㎡
Industries: Digital Innovation,Electronics/ IT
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Price of land:36.0 million US$/k㎡Subsidy on land: - million US$/k㎡
Environmental protection requirement:No Tax on land: - million US$/k㎡
Factory rental price range:2.6 ~ 3.4 US$/month•㎡Factory sale price range:250 ~ 678 US$/㎡
Office rental price range:6.7 ~ 11.4 US$/month•㎡Office sale price range:774 ~ 1466 US$/㎡


Santaka Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre(Valley)位于K. Baršausko g. 59, Kaunas 51423立陶宛。

园区主导产业为Digital Innovation,Electronics/ IT。

同时,园区周边商业环境也正在飞速建设中,These highly-featured office space includes a computer floor and lowered ceiling, the layout is flexible and it is possible to place partitions such as gypsum board and glass rocks.。

园区本地人口约为0.36 million persons、流动人口约为 - million persons, 区内教育资源丰富,拥有Permanent Art Studio,Karaliaus Mindaugo profesinio mokymo centras Gyvunu prieziuros skyrius,Kaunas Technical Vocational Training Center,Šukuosenų studija UAB,每年毕业人数为: - thousand persons。

除了园区生活配套设施丰富之外, 园区周边交通极其方便——2.5km to Kauno salonas, UAB GerViva,2.6km to Kaunas, - ,4.9km to Sraigtasparnių nusileidimo aikštelė。

区内厂房出售价格250-678 US$/month•㎡起, 出租价格2.6-3.4 US$/㎡起。

写字楼出售价格774-1466 US$/month•㎡起, 出租价格6.7-11.4 US$/㎡起。

Santaka Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre(Valley)欢迎您的入驻,如想了解更多园区详细信息,可随时致电或留言。

Santaka Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre(Valley)期待与您共创辉煌!


Water:0.65 US$/m³Commercial electricity tariff:0.2 US$/kWh
Heavy industry electricity tariff:0.28 US$/kWhIndustrial electricity tariff (peak):0.14 US$/kWh
Industrial electricity tariff (off-peak):0.09 US$/kWhIndustrial electricty tariff (average):0.09 US$/kWh
Natural gas: - US$/m³Water treatment: - US$/t.
Minimum wage:328.0 US$/monthOrdinary worker:656.0 US$/month
Land value tax: -


Distance to freight station:2.5km to Kauno salonas, UAB GerVivaDistance to railway station:2.6km to Kaunas
Distance to habor: - Distance to airport:4.9km to Sraigtasparnių nusileidimo aikštelė
Introduction of district: -
Roads logistics:E67,A6,A1
Railway logistics:Trans-Siberian railway, Aleksotas Funicular Railway, Standard gauge Rail Baltica railway
Residential housing price in this city:2021.0 US$/㎡
Support for residing in Park: -
Living environment: -
Access to supermarkets:LIDL,Iksados prekybos ir paslaugu centras,CIA Supermarket,IKI - Saulė
Commerical enviornment:These highly-featured office space includes a computer floor and lowered ceiling, the layout is flexible and it is possible to place partitions such as gypsum board and glass rocks.
Access to shopping malls:Molas,,,Geri Dviračiai",IKI - Girstupis,RowanBest
Access to hotels:帕斯贝尔鲁特酒店,HOF Hotel Sfinksas,Perkuno namai,Giedre Apartments - Grazinos
Access to leisure and entertainment:RAFES,Old carousel,Lithuanian Zoo,Escape Room Break Free
Access to healthcare:VPL akiu protezavimo centras,PI Kaunas Dainava Clinic Youth Center,Red Cross Clinical Hospital
Access to education:Mechanical Engineering and Design Faculty,Nemuno vidurine mokykla,Colegio Montessori NEMI
Kaunas is known for being well-connected with other major Lithuanian cities and urban centre of foreign countries via the system of roads. The city of Kaunas might easily be reached by air and rail while its geographical location is also considered to be especially convenient and attractive. Kaunas is often referred to as the capital of Lithuanian industry because of a significant number of companies working there in many different spheres, including chemistry, the manufacture of electrical devices, textile manufacturing, food and beverage production. Thanks to Kaunas University of Technology operating in the Baltics as the biggest academic institution, the competencies acquired by the employees who are currently working in the region gain much importance for the entire Lithuania. Kaunas is often called “the heart of Lithuanian industry”. 19.14 percent of the working-age population are employed in the manufacturing sector. More than 50 foreign-capital companies have already chosen Kaunas as a good location for their investments.




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