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Axis Parc

Area:0.1 k㎡
Industries: Logistics And Distribution,Electronics/ IT,New Energy,Chemical Engineering,Services
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Price of land:90.0 million US$/k㎡Subsidy on land: - million US$/k㎡
Environmental protection requirement:No Tax on land:12.5 million US$/k㎡
Factory rental price range:0 ~ 0 US$/month•㎡Factory sale price range:0 ~ 0 US$/㎡
Office rental price range:0 ~ 0 US$/month•㎡Office sale price range:0 ~ 0 US$/㎡


Axis Parc位于11, Rue Emile Francqui 1, 1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium。

园区主导产业为Logistics And Distribution,Electronics/ IT,New Energy,Chemical Engineering,Services。

整体占地0.1k㎡, Utility services等一应俱全。

同时,园区周边商业环境也正在飞速建设中,CBC Banque et Assurance, ING, BNP Paribus Fortis 。

园区本地人口约为0.4 million persons、流动人口约为 - million persons, 区内教育资源丰富,拥有University UCLouvain, and trade schools EPHEC Louvain-la-Neuve and Institut Charles Péguy.,每年毕业人数为:4 thousand persons。

除了园区生活配套设施丰富之外, 园区周边交通极其方便——34.6 to Cosmo Freight.,2.8km to Mont-Saint-Guibert Railway station.,89.2km to Port of Antwerp,36.6km to Brussels Airport, 37.1km to Brussels South Charleroi Airport。

区内厂房出售价格0-0 US$/month•㎡起, 出租价格0-0 US$/㎡起。

写字楼出售价格0-0 US$/month•㎡起, 出租价格0-0 US$/㎡起。

Axis Parc欢迎您的入驻,如想了解更多园区详细信息,可随时致电或留言。

Axis Parc期待与您共创辉煌!


Water:4.01 US$/m³Commercial electricity tariff:0.31 US$/kWh
Heavy industry electricity tariff:0.31 US$/kWhIndustrial electricity tariff (peak):0.35 US$/kWh
Industrial electricity tariff (off-peak):0.28 US$/kWhIndustrial electricty tariff (average):0.31 US$/kWh
Natural gas:5.91 US$/m³Water treatment:1.78 US$/t.
Minimum wage:1778.45 US$/monthOrdinary worker:3920.9 US$/month
Land value tax: -


Distance to freight station:34.6 to Cosmo Freight.Distance to railway station:2.8km to Mont-Saint-Guibert Railway station.
Distance to habor:89.2km to Port of AntwerpDistance to airport:36.6km to Brussels Airport, 37.1km to Brussels South Charleroi Airport
Introduction of district:Mont-Saint-Guibert is a Walloon municipality (commune in French) located in the Belgian province of Walloon Brabant. On January 1, 2012, Mont-Saint-Guibert had a total population of 7000. In addition to Mont-Saint-Guibert itself, the municipality includes the villages of Corbais and Hévillers. The commune is now fast developing with the arrival of many commuters who have moved from the capital city of Brussels.
Roads logistics:The nearby E411 Brussels to Luxembourg highway allows for easy transportation.
Railway logistics:Mont-Saint-Guibert has a railway station that connects to other main cities of Belgium.
Residential housing price in this city:3300.0 US$/㎡
Support for residing in Park:Utility services
Living environment:There are parks within a 5km distance such as Le Parc, Parc de la Source.
Access to supermarkets:ALDI, SPAR, Delhaize
Commerical enviornment:CBC Banque et Assurance, ING, BNP Paribus Fortis
Access to shopping malls:L'esplanade, Institut Lily
Access to hotels:Elitis Insurance Sa, Martin's Louvain-la-Neuve, Hotel ibis Styles Meeting Center Louvain-la-Neuve
Access to leisure and entertainment:Bowling Alley (Royal Bowl), Gym (JIMS Fitness Louvain-la-Neuve), Movie Theatre (Cinescope), Sports Complex (Centre Sportif de Blocry) and Soccer Club (Royal Ottignies Stimont).
Access to healthcare:Medical Center (centre medical de LLN), Pharmacy (Centre Pharmaceutique de Louvain-la-Neuve), Medical Center (Centre Medical Pediatrique Clairs Vallons)
Access to education:High School (Lycee Martin V), Elementary School (College du Biereau), University (UC Louvain)
Wallonia, region that constitutes the southern half of Belgium. The self-governing Walloon Region was created during the federalization of Belgium, largely along ethnolinguistic lines, in the 1980s and ’90s. Wallonia consists of the French-speaking provinces of Hainaut, Liège, Luxembourg, Namur, and Walloon Brabant. Its elected government has broad authority over such areas as agriculture, transportation, and public works. Wallonia is rich in iron and coal, and these resources and related industries have played an important role in its history. Wallonia has some companies which are world leaders in their specialized fields, including armaments, glass production, lime and limestone production, cyclotrons and aviation parts. The south of Wallonia, bordering Luxembourg, benefits from its neighbour's economic prosperity, with many Belgians working on the other side of the border; they are often called frontaliers. The Ardennes area south of the Meuse River is a popular tourist destination for its nature and outdoor sports, in addition to its cultural heritage, with places such as Bastogne, Dinant, Durbuy, and the famous hot springs of Spa.




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