Park Name:Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical Park
Address:Zörbiger Straße 22 06749 Bitterfeld-Wolfen
Industries:Mechanical Engineering,Instruments And Apparatus,Services,Biotechnology,Pharmacy,New Material,Logistics And Distribution,Electronics/ IT,New Energy,Agricultural Technology,Chemical Engineering,Automotive & Spare Parts,IT
Area:1.2 k㎡
Contact:Gerald Uebe
Information:49/(3493)/76163 https://www.chemiepark.de/index.php?id=561&aim=88&refuid=553


Bitterfeld-Wolfen is located in Central Germany which is one of the most dynamic economic regions on the European market. The most important European metropolises, as e.g. Paris, London, Brussels or Rome, with their business regions can be easily reached. The unique landscape in the Central German region is characterised by the rivers Mulde, Saale and Elbe as well as other rivers and lakes.n the Central German region, you will find sacred buildings like the Naumburg Cathedral or the Castle Church of Wittenberg, where Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door, as well as numerous other testimonials of cultural history.Directly in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, modern attractive housing estates have been developed at Lake Goitzsche and in the green. Recreation and relaxation are guaranteed here.