Park Name:Ganquanpu Economic and technological De-velopment Zone
Address:No.1117 Baomadingxiang Street, Ganquanpu Economic and technological Development Zone District, Urumchi City
Industries:New Material,Electronics/ IT,New Energy,Chemical Engineering,Others,Mechanical Engineering
Area:360 k㎡
Contact:Management Committee


Urumqi, commonly known as "Urumchi City", formerly known as Dihua, is the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Xinjiang's political, economic, cultural, scientific, educational, and transportation centers. The area of the city is 1,4216.3 square kilometers, with jurisdiction over 7 districts and 1 county, and the permanent population at the end of 2016 is 3.51 million.


Urumqi is located in the northwest of China, central Xinjiang, northern foothills of the Tianshan Mountains, the hinterland of Asia and Europe, adjacent to Central Asian countries, and is known as the "city of the heart of the sub-centers." Since ancient times, Urumqi has been an important hub for communication between east and west. It is now the largest inland city in the world, farthest from the sea and coastline.


Urumqi was originally a city that was developed by the Qing dynasty in Xinjiang. In 1763, it was built in Qing Dynasty. It was renamed Dihua. Dihua became the capital of Xinjiang in 1884 and has since become the political center of Xinjiang. In 1954, Dihua was renamed "Urumqi" and Mongolian means "a beautiful pasture".