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Park Name:Weiyang Economic Development Park
Address:No. 123, Pingshan Road, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province
Industries:Electronics/ IT,Automotive & Spare Parts
Area:30 k㎡
City:China/Jiangsu Province/Yangzhou City


Yangzhou is a famous historical and culture city of China. Located in the middle of Jiangsu Province, at the north shore of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and at the south part of Jianghuai Plain, Yangzhou is the intersection of Nanjing city-region and Shanghai Economic zone, and is the water source area of the east route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, the nation’s important project. The south part of Yangzhou is connected to the south part of Jiangsu and Shanghai, and the north part connected to the north part of Jiangsu.  It is a famous city in east part of Huai River, and is well known for its Zhuxi Pavilion. The history of Yangzhou dates back to 486 B.C. It has gained lots of awards, including UN Habitat Scroll of Honor Award, China Habitat Environment Prize Award, Nation Model City for Environment Protection Award, etc.

Yangzhou has 3 districts, namely Guangling, Hanjiang and Jiangdu, 1 county, Baoying, and 2 county-level cities, namely Yizheng and Gaoyou. There are total 71 towns, 5 villages and 13 neighborhoods in Yangzhou. The total area is 6634k㎡, of which the area of municipal district is 2310k㎡. The total population of the city is 4.6 million, of which the population of municipal district is about 2.291 million.

Yangzhou is located 119°01’ to 119°54′ E and 32°15’ to 33°25′ N. The municipal district of Yangzhou is located at the intersection of the Yangtze River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, 119°26′ E and 32°24′ N. The south part of Yangzhou is connected to the Yangtze River, opposite to Zhenjiang. The west part of Yangzhou is connected to Chuzhou, Anhui Province. The southwest part of Yangzhou is connected to Nanjing. The north part is connected to Huaian. And the east part is connected to Yancheng and Taizhou.

There are 80.5km of the Yangtze River shoreline in Yangzhou. There are 3 districts and 1 city along the shoreline, namely Jiangdu, Guangling, Hanjiang and Yizheng. The Beijing-Shanghai Grand Canal passes through the Yangzhou. From north to south, it is connected to 4 lakes, namely Baima Lake, Baoying Lake, Gaoyou Lake and Shaobo Lake.