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Matam Industrial Park

Area: - k㎡
Industries: Digital Innovation,Electronics/ IT


Distance to freight station:1.2km to Carmel Beach CentralDistance to railway station:1.5km to Hof Hacarmel railway station
Distance to habor:15km to Haifa PortDistance to airport:120km to Hiafa Airport
Introduction of district:Haifa City is an important comprehensive transportation hub in Israel. There is Haifa Airport next to Haifa Bay, with regular flights to Eilat and Cyprus. Haifa Port is Israel ’s main international passenger port. Haifa connects with other cities in Israel by rail and bus system. The Haifa Tunnel is currently under construction.
Roads logistics:Located between Highway 2 and Highway 4
Railway logistics:1.5 km from Hof ​​Hacarmel Railway Station
Price of residential housing nearby:2950 US$/㎡Two-bedroom monthly rental:654 US$/month
Residential housing price in this city:4035 US$/㎡
Support for residing in Park: -
Living environment:Haifa Climate The climate type of Haifa belongs to the Mediterranean climate. The summer is hot and dry, with an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius; the winter is cold and rainy, and the average temperature is 12 degrees Celsius. The rainy season runs from October to April each year for six months.
Commerical enviornment: -
Access to supermarkets:Shufersal Deal
Access to shopping malls:Azrieli Mall Haifa, Castra Center
Access to hotels:Garden Hotel, La Cappella Hotel, Villa Carmel
Access to leisure and entertainment:Samiover Stadium, Baha'i Sky Garden, Haifa Art Museum
Access to healthcare:Assuta Hospital in Haifa, Rambam Healthcare Campus, Carmal Medical Center
Access to education:Haifa University, Israel Institute of Technology
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